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Medical conferences

Regardless of the location, Standcraft presents Johnson & Johnson with a target-group specific exhibition stand each and every time. Be it large or small, the stand is always be striking with different arrangements and consisting partly of bespoke components and partly of changing components.

Standcraft is also responsible for all product, brochure and give away logistics. Just one telephone call from Johnson & Johnson stating the venue and exhibition floor space available is all that is needed for us to get to work. Our aim is to relieve employees at Johnson & Johnson of this aspect, leaving them free to focus on their visitors.

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Johnson & Johnson stands out from the crowd at

Chirurgendagen, NH Koningshof Veldhoven / Cobradagen, NH leeuwenhorst Noordwijkerhout / Hernia Congres, EHS Gent / NVEC, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam / MECC, Maastricht / En meer

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