Full Service

Exhibition stands throughout Europe. From idea to realisation. Striking, creative and thought-out and finished in detail. By an experienced team with a professional eye for service, quality, innovation and sustainability.

How could it be better, smarter? That’s what has driven Standcraft for decades. Day after day. Innovations in technology, image and material usage, sustainability and circularity demand perpetual development. As does the continual creation of the ultimate Stopping Power for our clients. A visitor, whether anticipated of not, is drawn to your stand. They stay, strike up conversation, look, feel, experience and ultimately decide to remain a regular or become a new customer. That’s what we are striving for. Always.


Exhibition stand

Exhibition stands from design to realisation. Thought out to the last detail and finished to a high standard.

Interior construction

Unique product displays or a complete office or experience space. Our interior builders create perfectly adapted solutions.

Project supervision

Short lines of communication and an experienced and client-focused team for confidence and the certainty that everything will be ready on time.

we craft your trade stand

Meet the team

A close-knit team of specialists in their field and generalists in stand building. Colleagues who always share ideas, provide mutual support and are ready to help others. That’s our team. And we are proud of it.

Why? Because it means we are always able to set up a tip-top exhibition stand in next to no time. Preferably well in advance of the deadline, so that our client has time to feel at home and prepare for taking part in a successful trade show. How? By working together closely in matters of design, planning, preparation and construction. Open, short lines of communication and passion for creating the ultimate experience.

Hank Hagoort

Founder & Owner

Tim Bakker

Creative Director

Paul Hagen

Project Manager

Roos van Dam

Signing & Design

Marjolein Toussaint

Office Manager