The stands that we are allowed to build for Corendon on behalf of CXN from Amersfoort are the perfect example of co-creation. CXN signed up for a catchy translation of the customer’s wishes into the concept for the stands. Standcraft realized a number of beautiful and impactful stands on these concepts.

We combine spectacular eye-catchers with practically reusable elements. The luxurious feeling during the Masters of LXRY or the holiday feeling at trade fairs at home and abroad is often the starting point. Stands with a unique concept. Dozens of Corendon partner hotels can present themselves with their own desk.

we craft your trade stand

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Over CXN/Corendon

CXN and Standcraft have a partnership where we complement each other perfectly. Together we have already delivered many stands where Standcraft manages to translate CXN’s ideas and concepts into the realization of stands as CXN envisions them. is part of Corendon International Travel BV. In 20 years, Corendon has grown into a leading, very successful tour operator and the number 1 travel organization to Turkish and other popular destinations within and outside Europe, such as Ibiza, Cyprus and Curaçao.