Full service Stand construction


All the senses are stimulated during our orientation interview. We explore all options to achieve the ultimate in appearance, experience and, of course, result.

Design and visualisation

Everything between the orientation interview and the presentation of the design happens in our designers heads. What exactly? That's something we will never know. But we can be certain that it's creative, surprising and well thought out.

Organisation and planning

Once the design has been approved, then all the necessary processes are carefully set in motion. Gathering materials, from LED walls to peppermints. Booking hotels, planning transport, building permits and everything required to be able to start at the trade show venue, well prepared and well in time.

Preparation at the workshop

The step from design to construction drawing and the making and collecting of all the components of the stand. Well thought out for efficient and effective transportation to the trade show venue, wherever in Europe that may be.

Realisation at the venue

Flooring, electrics, water connection, compressed air, rigging. The design is converted into reality at the trade show venue. Taking into account all the (safety) regulations specific to that trade fair. And comfortably on time for delivery to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Dismantling and Storage

During our advance preparations, we also think through the reverse logistics process. Which elements of the exhibition stand will go where. What will be used again, what will be stored where, what will be discarded, and how we can reduce that to a minimum.


Together with our client and partner, we evaluate whether we succeeded in achieving what we set out to do. We also explore the possibilities for further improvement of the result in the future. On any point whatsoever. We also perform an internal evaluation. All employees involved with the exhibition stand or interiors project fill out an internal evaluation form. We meet as a full team regularly to talk over how we can perform our work even better and smarter, and with even greater satisfaction. This is not just idle chat; we put it to use in our work immediately.