Our services

Stand construction

Better and smarter

An eye-catching exhibition stand combines feeling, creativity, purpose and excellent realisation. Open collaboration with our clients, designers, project supervisors and builders produces striking results.

Every Standcrafter is propelled on an ongoing voyage of discovery towards ‘better and smarter’. From our designers to our builders. In matters of sustainability and circularity too, without losing sight of high quality.

Stand design

Stimulate all senses

A good design stimulates all five senses. Always. Our designers know all the details of stand and interior construction. And are always on the lookout for new developments that make their field even better, more beautiful, more sustainable and move innovative. Artists, architects, industrial designers, digital natives and interior designers from across the whole world are a source of continual inspiration.

They bring this inspiration with them when they talk to clients. In words, image and feeling. Don’t be surprised if someone picks up a pencil during a meeting to sketch the first images en route to the optimal experience. While simultaneously paying heed to practicalities.

The strengths off Standcraft

Project supervision

Down to the last detail

Successful trade show participation doesn’t happen by chance. It demands a combination of elements, materials and people. Meeting hard deadlines. Familiarity with the regulations at every trade show venue in Europe, arranging building applications, transport, catering, cleaning.

Our standcrafters supervise all of this with expertise and an eye for detail. They know their projects from A to Z and collaborate closely so as to deliver every exhibition stand and perfectly finish. Always.

Set up and dismantling

Ready on time

Taking part in a trade show is intense. As a client, you want certainty. You need to be confident that everything will be ready on time. Without last minutes surprises. Planning and attention to detail are crucial. This philosophy is in our project supervisors’ and builders’ genes. They are champions of preparation and finish. With an unparalleled ability to solve problems. So even if something does go wrong, they will still make sure that everything is ready on time for you to take part in the trade show.

Quality and attention to detail are paramount not only in matters of preparation and set-up. But also when it comes to dismantling, so that your exhibition stand can be used again, in whole or in part. Without loss of its high quality.


Quality and flexibility

Our own signage studio is all about quality and flexibility. Visuals in all shapes, sizes and colours are carefully checked after delivery, printed and, to the extent possible, incorporated into your exhibition stand in the workshop.

Sometimes last-minute wishes or changes occur. Don’t worry: our Signage studio provides optimal flexibility and security.

Transport & storage

Extreme care

We handle everything with the utmost care: cabinets, light boxes, prints, counters, showcases, LED screens. Both during transport and storage. Custom-built boxes and other protective measures ensure that the risk of damage is minimal.

As early as the design stage of the stand, we give clever thought to reuse and sustainability. Parts or complete exhibition stands for reuse are stored at Standcraft’s Warehouse safely, carefully and in a planned manner.

Interior construction

Pure craftsmanship

Our Craftsmen’s creativity combined with pure craftsmanship, which includes experience in specialised ship interior construction, ensure that we find the absolutely best solution for every space. Standcraft’s ultimate craft.

We like to join forces, conceptually and practically, in the creation of striking reception areas or complex cabinet walls. Our designers and interior builders work closely together so that even the most complex ideas are executed in detail. Accurate to the last millimetre.