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Standcraft is made up of a team of dedicated workers. That is no coincidence, but the result of ongoing focus on craftsmanship, service and shared responsibility. Even after a long day spent transforming a dull, grey space into a wonderful experience, we take a moment to stand back, check everything and dot the i’s and cross the t’s. And is there anything else we can still do for you after delivery? The following always applies: we will do everything we possibly can. After which, tired but satisfied, we wish each other a successful trade show and secretly add a proud photo to the Standcraft app.

We consider our clients, suppliers and independent contractors to be our partners. The support they gave us, following a fire in summer 2017 that destroyed Standcraft’s workshop, storage and offices, demonstrated that this is truly what they are. We were provided with help on all fronts, so that we were able to deliver our first new stand again with a week and were able to stay up and running while we were setting up our new site. The unparalleled problem-solving ability, responsibility, agility and team spirt of our employees proved indispensable. And it’s something we are really proud of. It’s what’s made Standcraft a business that sparks joy.

We believe in the power of trade shows. We strive to create a unique exhibition experience not just for our clients, but for anyone interested in genuine connection. Together with our fellow organisations and the trade association, we are actively committed to raising the trade show medium to the highest level. In every way and for everyone. For exhibitors, visitors, suppliers, employees and independent contractors. We like to play a pioneering role in this.


About Standcraft

  • Standcraft BV was created in 2003 from the merger of Intervorm Standbouw (1973) and Montavite Standbouwsystemen BV (1993).
  • Once you start working with, at, or for Standcraft, you’ll never want to leave. There’s nothing unusual in remaining one of our clients, suppliers or employees for more than 10 years.
  • Every year we design, supervise and build around 250 exhibition stands. Alongside which, we conjure up children’s rooms for Make a Wish and support all kinds of social causes. Not to show off, but just because it makes us happy.
  • Standcraft was one of the first stand builders to ban spray booths and other polluting techniques, paint and materials
  • We use wood almost exclusively for cabinetry, counters and special constructions with high-quality interiors. We use sustainable, smart materials for walls.
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