Through thoughtful design elements and attention to detail, we created a spacious exhibition stand for Fetim Group.It gives a concrete representation of Fetim Group’s commitment to innovation and practical living solutions. As a result, it allows trade fair visitors to discover these solutions.

It is an uncluttered stand. White, open and fresh, it allowed Fetim Group’s various products and brands to be displayed in an uncluttered way. In combination with screens, Fetim Group’s work could be presented during the fair.

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Over Fetim Group

Fetim Group is known as a leading player in the world of home improvement and interior design. With more than 100 years in the business, this company has accumulated rich experience in providing high-quality solutions for both interior and exterior.

Fetim Group is a specialist in home comfort improvement and the design and development of accessible home products and concepts. Their focus is on enhancing home comfort and providing attractive solutions that meet the needs of modern households.

Through continuous innovation and a passionate commitment to quality and design, Fetim Group continues to inspire transforming homes worldwide. The range includes a diversity of products, from interior to exterior enhancements, offering consumers the opportunity to customise their living environments in a beautiful and functional way. With an eye for detail and a commitment to user-friendliness, Fetim Group is a trusted partner for anyone striving to optimise their living space.