An atmospheric and warm feeling is what Humble wants to convey everywhere. The exhibition stand for Humble therefore contains several corners that look like living rooms. Combined with the atmospheric wireless Humble lighting, a warm atmosphere is created.

Humble’s innovative and sustainable lighting is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, has three different light modes and can be operated by remote control. These lights can burn for up to 140 hours without a cord.

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Humble is a lighting design and development company with an innovative take on wireless and sustainable lighting. They combine cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to create a warm and inviting atmosphere anywhere, even in outdoor spaces.

Humble’s story originated in 2018, when Jorren Teertstra and his design colleagues at APE Amsterdam joined forces. With a passion for design and an aversion to cables, they wanted to create a contemporary alternative to traditional mood lighting: candles. The very first lamp quickly became a crowd favourite thanks to its long battery life and recognisable shape. Thus was born ‘Humble’, named after this initial design.